Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024

How to know that your motorbike needs servicing?

Whether you are learning to ride a bike, this is your first thing to do, or if you are riding for a while and want to keep the bike in shape, the following hints will help you solve your bike mechanical problems. You will see actual problems while they are still potential threats.

Basic checks


Most bikes are driven by a chain and must be lubricated and maintained at the proper tension. The typical tension of the chain allows you to move it about 30mm. Please refer to the service manual to find the correct tension for the chain. Use the adjuster at both ends of the swing arm to tighten the slack it the chain is too loose. Your chain will loosen over time. If the chain is dry, use an aerosol chain lubricant. Check the chain for obvious signs of wear.


Apply each brake completely and make sure it locks the wheel. The brake can be fully performed without the full travel of the lever (front brake) or pedal (rear brake).
The brake pads must not touch the disc when no brake is applied. As the brakes get hot when you ride, you may notice that this happens, and you can smell the burn.
Check the brake disc for cracks. If you notice a pulsation of the brake when in use, the brake disc may be slightly deformed. You have to visit a mechanic for motorbike spares.

Fluid levels


Check if it is between the minimum and maximum horizontal marks. If you need to buy more, please consult the manual or online.


Check the engine and transmission oil. Before the inspection, the bike should be cold and stand on a level surface. If your bike has an oil check window, it’s easy to check. If not, use a dipstick to check the oil level. Remove the dipstick, wipe it, replace it, and then remove it again to display the measured value. If it’s close to the minimum, add it, but do not insert too much. If the oil is black or dark, replace it.


Add brake fluid to the maximum. The required fluid type is etched into the tank lid manually.

Air filter

You can clean it depending on the design of the filter. A paper filter can remove dust, but the foam should be washed with a solvent and allowed to dry.


Make sure the clutch is still engaged and you can move it smoothly. Otherwise, the cable may stretch. Here, you can use a screw change lever and a lock nut for the clutch lever. It’s a more complicated task when the clutch is worn out and bring the bike to someone who knows what he is doing.


Your bike has a maintenance program based on time and the number of kilometres travelled. More detailed checks, please visit Fowlers , or if you have motorbike spares and are willing to learn, you can do it yourself.