Monday, 11 Dec 2023

The All-New 2019 Panamera from Porsche

If we are discussing Porsche, we are assured of certain aspects and need not even remind ourselves, if those are checked out while buying any model that wears the brand name on it. so take the example of the 2019 Panamera and we are already assured of its flexibility, performance or its flamboyance. Any dealership that sells Porsche sports cars near Bakersfield feel proud to display a Panamera at its showroom, and we know that the reason is pretty obvious.

Multi Trim Options

The 2019 Porsche Panamera continues the breed of its sibling 911 series of four-doors, but still stands different because of its surprising simplicity even after queuing up 15 trim models, that will essentially count the basic five-door sedan with rear-wheel-drive, the all-wheel-driven Panamera 4 and the 4S, the Executive, 4 E-Hybrids, Turbos, and Turbo S E-Hybrids with long-wheelbase the Sport Turismo trim, and the Panamera GTS that got added for the 2019 year lineup.

The Delusionary Styling

The 2019 edition of Porsche Panamera might apparently look like a sedan, but in reality, it has practically leaned quite towards the hatchback style. It is like creating a creative delusion of its styling that brings the buyers from both the sectors to make sure, what it actually is.

The styling is certainly cohesive, that looks upright with a taut body and didn’t waste in drawing unnecessary lines. The hood gets longer this time while the gorgeous headlights reminds you of its sibling, the Cayenne SUV. The hips at the rear end has a flaring shape, that speaks of the signature style of Porsche sports cars.

Stellar Performance

When it comes to Porsche, performance will shame the other models, that try to count themselves as its rivals, but end up lagging far behind. The base trim of the 2019 Panamera gets an engine that makes 330 horsepower both with the rear-wheel-drive and the all-wheel-drive and is seen powering the Panamera 4. The S models of Panamera gushes out a 440 off hp and is able to record an acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph in merely 4.0 seconds. Try the new GTS trim model and experience the magic of 453 count of hp and don’t stop there. The Panamera Turbo V-8 will leave you at a higher stand with a boosted horsepower raising it to 550.

Power of Green

Wish to go green? Porsche won’t disappoint you if you are a fan of its Panamera model. Try the two E-Hybrid models from the 2019 Panamera lineup at any of the reputed Porsche sports car dealerships, they will show you two of them. The 4 E-Hybrid option will get you no less than 462 hp and can reach you at a destination that is 30 miles away with its all-electric power alone.

For those who want to test the versatility of the Panamera lineup, Porsche has arranged a yet more powerful Turbo S E-Hybrid that pumps up the horsepower to 680 hp and will ask you if you are ready to handle it.