Monday, 11 Dec 2023

What to Consider When Buying Your First Family Car

When you have a family, there are certain sacrifices you have to make for the good of your loved ones. Foregoing a stylish new car for something that is more practical for the family is one of them. As our life changes and we start a family, we can’t go around buying 2-seater sports cars if we’ve got a pram and 2 kids to fit in the back. Don’t worry, there are still some cool family cars on the market.

Here are some key considerations we must make before buying a car for the family.

Is the Car Baby Friendly?

If you’ve a young child, the first thing you must do is look for a baby friendly vehicle. We all know the red Toyota GR Supra would look great in the driveway, but would you have enough room for the pram and baby chair in the back, I think not! You don’t want to carry your child around with you everywhere you go, so find a vehicle which is baby friendly and has plenty of space in the boot. You’ll also need it for nappy packs and shopping bags.

Does it have more than 3 doors?

If the budget allows, by all means contact the car dealers in Canberra and go for that classy red Supra with the 3-door turbo engine. But if you’ve to choose between a family saloon and the Supra, discard the latter. You’ll want a vehicle that ensures your family are safe and they’ve easy access in and out of the car. A 5-door motor means everyone from back to front can exit the car unrestricted. No one enjoys managing a 2 or 3-door vehicle with a young child.

Do the car seats fit in the back?

It is imperative that you drive a car which has proper car seats installed for your kids. If you’ve a young family, children of a certain age will need car seats or booster seats up until they are about 7 years of age. If you are planning on having another child, you may need up to 3 baby seats in the back, so make sure the car you choose has space.

Is the vehicle the correct height?

Most of us never think about the height of a car when picking a family vehicle. We consider mileage, features and space, we very rarely think about the height. But the height of the vehicle is extremely important, especially if you’ll be lifting a baby seat inside every day. If it isn’t the right height, you’ll be forced to bend down and put a lot of weight on your spine. Doing this consistently will lead to the chiropractor’s chair.

Along with all of the questions mentioned above, you’ll have to look at the cost of the vehicle and comfort levels. If you are going on long journeys with the kids, you’ll need a spacious vehicle that allows them room to sleep. Alternatively, you could go for a used family car and spend the remaining money on cool features such as TV screens in the back.